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ElectRx is about smart people with smart ideas leveraging their technical mastery of systems, process, and service. We create meaningful, sustainable, transparent, and accountable partnerships with Employer Sponsor Groups to lower the cost of prescription drug benefit programs. There are no conflicts of interest. The level of administrative oversight at every point of sale ensures that the plan metrics you establish will be precisely adhered to. Your fiduciary obligation to tax payers or shareholders is our highest priority. Savings are repatriated to the bottom line of your organization where they belong. Not only are we absolutely mandated to save your organization money on current drug costs, we are equally committed to reducing your future drug spend through our unique series of programs and services. ELECT Rx and Health Solutions is a truly unique organization.

There are essential differences between us and all other providers which include the following key elements:

  • We are the only “fully integrated” prescription drug benefit program in North America providing Retail, Mail Order, and Specialty Pharmacy Services, all with PBM oversight.
  • We understand the necessity for true “integration” as a prerequisite for patient safety, with unparalleled oversight and bespoke services at unbeatable price points.
  • We continuously strive to enhance our employer and member relationships through the highest standards of professionalism, accountability, integrity, and transparency.
  • We are driven by your obligation to both provide and sustain meaningful and affordable benefits to employee members and your organization.
  • We provide quality prescription drug products at the true lowest net cost to your organization. We will never accept any form of financial incentive from any third party. Any product rebates are returned in full to you, the Employer and rightful beneficiary.
  • We offer the highest discounts on Brand, Generic, Insulin, and Specialty Pharmaceuticals.
  • We provide you with a new industry benchmark in claims analysis and reporting using novel data metrics on a monthly and quarterly basis.
  • We facilitate your obligation to the audit process to ensure our accountability to the bottom line of your organization.
    Drug Utilization Review (DUR) in real time at each point of sale guarantees full compliance with all professional and regulatory standards and ensures adherence to your plan metrics.
  • We have a network of over 63,000 retail pharmacies.
  • We have a Generic Utilization Rate (GUR) of up to 87% on many of our employer accounts.
  • We offer zero or reduced co-pays on many product fulfillments.
    We only execute performance based one year contracts with a 90 day “without cause” termination clause.
  • We provide both OTC and Therapeutic Product Substitution (TPS) Programs that optimize clinical outcomes at much lower cost.
  • With our Employer Clinic partners, we can provide you with the essential infrastructure and programs to deliver superb primary care, wellness, and chronic disease management programs, to optimize employee health and control future benefit cost in your organization.
  • We carry full liability insurance for all risk. All of our service provisions are fully insured.

We actively promote the development of fully integrated programs and maintain a laser like focus on not just current benefit cost reduction but future benefit cost containment. We strongly advocate Wellness Programs as part of primary prevention, the cornerstone of cost control in population cohorts. Additionally,we promote active disease management programs with secondary prevention, and timely tertiary interventions, that optimize clinical outcomes at every stage of the chronic disease cascade.

The ElectRx Mission

To be the preferred provider of quality prescription drug products at true lowest net cost for Employer Groups across the United States. We are both privileged and grateful every day for the opportunity to continue our mission of delivering that value equation through unparalleled levels of industry knowledge, professionalism, and service, for the tens of thousands of lives that put their trust in us every day.


ElectRx​ is good for your organization, and great for your employees!


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