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The ElectRx Strategy

By applying the right strategy to just 1-2% of your claims, you can reduce your drug spend by 15-55%

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Optimization of Discounts +++

Direct acquisition model and optimization of all manufacturer discounts: Specialty drugs have become a profit center for your PBM. Your PBM makes money off of every specialty drug dispensed and usually has a “preferred” arrangement with a Specialty Pharmacy that also profits off of every specialty medication paid for by your plan.

ElectRx has facilitated a network of cold chain certified retail pharmacies in Canada. Authorized members of US based self-insured drug benefit plans can obtain specialty drugs at $0 copay and discounts of up to 70% over US PBM prices.

Optimization of Rebates +++

No matter what your contract says, rebates still serve as a large percentage of profit for PBMs and specialty pharmacies. When you use ElectRx, we will fully disclose and return all rebates and other manufacturer revenue directly to you. On average, these will be about 30% higher than what most groups receive prior to carving out specialty.

Personal Imporation (PI) +++

Many specialty drugs and high cost brand medications, such as biologics and insulin can be purchased directly from licensed pharmacies in Canada at a substantial discount. This can be a very effective strategy to lower the cost of these medications for both the plan sponsor and the employee. We have done extensive research on the subject, and are willing to provide our opinion if personal importation is an option you are considering.

Insulin and Cold Chain Medications +++

Authorized members can obtain cold chain medications and a full range of insulin products from our specialty pharmacy in Canada at discounts of up to 70%.


ElectRx is good for your organization, and great for your employees!

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The ElectRx Mission

To be the preferred provider of quality prescription drug products at true lowest net cost for Employer Groups across the United States. We are both privileged and grateful every day for the opportunity to continue our mission of delivering that value equation through unparalleled levels of industry knowledge, professionalism, and service, for the tens of thousands of lives that put their trust in us every day.

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